Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics to Optimize Your Business

In the recent years, there have been dramatic changes in technology world shaped by big data and data analysis techniques.
While traditional BI techniques help business users organize and flexibly slice-and-dice large volume data to gain business insights, business functions may experience challenges in making quicker and correct decisions. Advanced analytics help overcome such challenges through statistical and technical methods of bringing fact-based and future-oriented insights that can drive business improvement actions. To have a competitive edge over peers, it is imperative to monitor various analytics like Sales, Operational, Supply Chain etc.

Operational analytics planners are looking closely as to how specific business processes function day-to-day and are coming up with quick solutions for Change. Operational analytics focuses on improving existing operations by using various data mining and aggregation tools to achieve more transparency in business operations for better business planning. Operational analytics represented as graphs or charts allow decision-makers see what's happening real time.

On the other hand, Organizations want a 360-degree view of their Sale and Customer Support performance, identify the root cause of the success or failure thereby containing future uncertainty and also making success stories repeatable.

Advanced analytics comes in handy to achieve these as a trouble-shooting player rather than an information provider. It helps make frequent, faster, Data-driven decisions and help execute them quickly as required "most of the time".


Our Services

Develop Strategies
Develop Strategies

Derive competitive advantage from data assets and by understanding the key result areas of various roles in the organization

Deploy Analytics
Deploy Analytics

Deliver Analytics through Mobile devices by innovative usage of data assets thereby help customers improve operational effectiveness & efficiency

Help to execute Analytics Strategies
Help to execute Analytics Strategies

Build Analytics Organization Capabilities and also constantly help track operational metrics, thereby helping Implement and Review for improvements


We employ a structured Analytics framework to collect, track and optimize user data for superior business decisions. Key highlights of our advance analytics approach:

Tracking Key Metics for User Engagement

  • Query live data sources to swifty publish key metics for user access
  • Track KPI values and trends over time to draw insights
  • Multi-level drill down for each KPI to enable in-depth analysis
Tracking Key Metics for User Engagement
Custom Analysis

Custom Analysis

  • Automatically export real time data into analytics space to run custom analytics
  • Pass data parameters to a custom URL or other tools
  • Custom analysis of usage patterns and trends in mobile app/website

Advanced BI & Dashboards

  • Rich, interactive dashboard serves as a single window for all BI information
  • Simple and flexible dashboard creation process enables users to create data visualizations by themselves
  • Mashup Excel, Cloud and Enterprise data sources in a single dashboard
Advanced Dashboards
Responsive Rendering
Responsive Rendering

Leverage unique layout creation technology to enable efficient data viewing on screens of all sizes - mobile phones, tablets, etc.


Below is a report of survey done to understand as to what degree various system capabilities help in improving the ability to be effective at work, in which Real-time data and analytics ranks No.1.

realtime analytics

Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft, July 2015


The Colossom Advantage

  • We help customers find wealth of untapped opportunity through effective use of data at their fingertips thereby
    enabling better decisions and adding value.
  • We identify analytics use cases that present opportunities of the highest value
  • We empower clients to swiftly make tactical and strategic decisions through real-time accurate data
  • Our expert services enable data access across any device in a rich, interactive visual format.

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