Migrate Data Safely and Effectively with Minimal Disruption

As organizations introduce new systems, data migration becomes essential to have a smooth system with increased performance. However, the data migration process is loaded with risk and complexity as upgrading, replacing and consolidating systems within a storage environment means dealing with large volumes and variety of data. It is also a cost intensive process that can disrupt business operations,
if not performed effectively.
At Colossom, we draw from years of industry experience to offer cost effective data migration services that are not only efficient but also come with minimal impact on client business operations.


What We Do

Data migration involves physical extraction, transmission and transferring of static and transactional data between different storage types, formats and from legacy (source) to new target database systems. Our advanced data migration services promise seamless transition with minimal downtime at deployment. We perform data migration in the following phases:


Data migration services

Assess legacy data and plan strategy

Assess legacy data and plan

Assess legacy data and plan strategy

Extract and Cleanse Data

Assess legacy data and plan strategy

Load data to new system and

Data Migration Phases


  • Explore source system
  • Identify target data requirements, new formats, data types
  • Assess and Categorize source Data
  • Identify manageable parallel tasks
  • Come up with a broad plan

Analysis and Design

  • Profiling of source data
  • Identify data that fits business purpose
  • Plan integration strategy
  • Successfully integrate source data using data quality process
  • Define technical architecture and design
  • Define testing process
  • Strategize decommissioning of old system
  • Finalize plan using the migration build

Implementation and Validation

  • Perform comprehensive testing of the build
  • Clean and transform legacy data to staging environment
  • Verify data accuracy, integrity after cleaning
  • Load finalized data from staging to target system
  • Execute migration functional testing and generate production reconciliation reports
  • Run incremental correction scripts and perform testing in iteration
  • Reconcile and certify production environment through reports
  • Open up new system for usage

Follow-up and Maintenance

  • Plan on-demand support to resolve teething issues
  • Perform periodical data auditing to ensure data accuracy
  • Ensure system performance and data quality through continuous monitoring

The Colossom Advantage

  • Quick and effective data migration with no disruption to application availability
  • Cost effective migration services with minimal business risk
  • Smooth migration with focus on maintaining data accuracy, integrity and safety
  • Improved data quality, elimination of redundant or obsolete information and matching the requirements of the new system

If you are Looking for flexible, Cost efficient and high value data migration Services that can enhance your organization's business objectives, We are your best bet.