Right Fit eCommerce Solutions to Deliver
Seamless Customer Experience and Drive Revenue Growth

At Colossom, we understand that every retail business needs an eCommerce outlet to cater to a wider audience and broaden its reach in today's connected world. Rapidly changing customer demands and continually evolving technologies make it important for retailers to invest in the right technology platforms and capabilities. This is where our expertise in providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions can help you find the best fit solution - to attract and engage more consumers, and increase your revenues. From online store development to custom cart development, third party integration and payment gateway integration, we have it all covered.

What We Do

Our solutions help you provide a seamless, cross-channel experience across digital touch points and include:

Custom Cart Development
  • Creating PHP or MySQL based shopping carts specific to client requirements
  • Enhancing custom carts with rich features such as order history product reviews, bestsellers, etc.
Payment Gateway Integration
  • Identification and integration of the right payment gateway such as cc avenue, cirtus pat, etc
  • Vast experience of working with variety of payment gateways such as hosted, pro/self-hosted, API/non-hosted, platform based, direct payment gateways, local bank integration, etc
E-commerce Solutions
Third Party Application Integration

Selecting and integrating the right-fit third party applications for

  • Performing advanced analytics functions
  • Generating marketing metrics
  • Adding custom features for superior UX
Online Store Development
  • Thorough assessment of client business, their target audience, goals and budgets before creating online stores
  • Emphasis on clean, crisp looks with user-friendly features and functionality

Some of our other key integrations that help clients carve a niche and succeed in competitive environments include:
Mobile ID creation
Mobile ID creation

Create a digital identify for safe eCommerce transactions in shopping, banking, workstation access and more.

User Behaviour Analysis
User Behaviour Analysis

Heat maps: visual representation of clicks, scrolling behaviour, preferences, etc.

User behaviour recordings

Funnels: statistical representation of web pages that engage users, bottlenecks and flaws

Forms: Optimize lead conversion rate with crisp forms having social auto fill features, embedded Facebook tab, etc.

Surveys and Polls: Gain insights on user preferences

Mobile ID creation
Enhancing Work-life Experience

Facilitate effective communication and seamless coordination across teams for a smoother, simpler work experience.


The Colossom Advantage

  • Innovative eCommerce solutions to help clients stay ahead of competition
  • Comprehensive solutions covering a wide array of eCommerce needs such as website design, optimization, third party and payment gateway integration, etc
  • Reliable eCommerce consulting for maximizing productivity and realizing business benefits

Looking to provide a personalized shopping experience and maximize online revenues across markets and geographies?