Developing User Friendly Mobile Applications for Business Success

Mobile application development is a complex process that not only requires building cross platform apps but also apps that work efficiently across devices. In addition, today's digitally savvy customers demand aesthetic, easy to use apps that meet their personal needs.

At Colossom, we combine years of industry experience with an in-depth understanding of business challenges to create quality mobile applications that translate business ideas into fluid mobile solutions. We offer end-to-end solutions including requirement analysis, software architecture building, user centric design and implementation, as well as deployment and post implementation support. Our high performance mobile applications help clients carve a niche for themselves in today's crowded digital marketplace.


What We Do

It is no secret that every App Store - be it for Apple, Windows or Android - is crowded with millions of registered apps vying for their share in the mobile business. Merely building a mobile app is not likely to bring in the desired results. The success of your app depends on how best it delivers the desired functionality, engages with the target audience, and stays ahead of competition while being user friendly. We leverage our extensive domain expertise to develop multiplatform mobile applications that deliver tangible business results even for Startups.

Our skilled mobile developers employ a systematic application development process which includes:

  • Analysis of functional requirements
  • Thorough assessment of risks
  • Creating detailed specifications and design.
  • Testing and deployment of the application on the corresponding App Store.
We undertake mobile application development for the following operating systems:

Apple iOS Application Development

  • Deploying Modern Programming frameworks
  • Third party Integration such as GPS, Services, data transfer, Bluetooth Integration, Plugins and extension
  • Database Integration Including MYSQL, SQLite, etc.
  • Proficient in Programming languages such as Swift and Objective C
Apple iOS Application Development
Android Application Development

Android Application Development

  • Develop competitive android apps with real time updates for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices such as watches and eye gear
  • Deploy modern programming frameworks such as OpenGL ES, Android NDK, etc with latest tools for application architecture and layering
  • Integrating social networks and API webservices
  • Third party integration such as GPS, services, data transfer, Bluetooth integration, plugins and extensions
  • Enhanced user experience for gaining an edge in mobile commerce

Windows Phone Application Development

  • Deploy latest version OS and up-to-date production environment
  • Best development environment with fluency in Eclipse IDE, ADT plugin and other tools
  • Deploying Modern Programming frameworks
  • Third party integration such as GPS, services, data transfer, Bluetooth integration, plugins and extensions
Windows Application Development

The COLOSSOM Advantage

  • Proven industry experience in delivering high functioning, responsive applications
  • Skilled developers with varied experience in types of target audiences, industry requirements, development tools and frameworks
  • End-to-end mobile solutions and support for complete client satisfaction
  • Development of high quality, secure applications for multiple mobile operating systems
  • In-depth expertise in modern programming frameworks and languages, and experience in third party application integration to deliver a superior user experience
  • Agile methodologies for realizing quick results and client satisfaction

If you are looking to enhance customer engagement with refined, easy to use mobile applications, we are your ideal partners.