Training Materials for Next Generation Learning Objectives

Effective training is imperative to facilitate the transfer of proper knowledge and skills to both customers and partners in order to drive project excellence. Well prepared training material is an important asset in conducting effective training, with appropriate emphasis on each section. At Colossom, we employ a systematic approach to develop training materials and programs that are tailored to the needs of client businesses. We begin by conducting a need analysis to identify training requirements and objectives, and set realistic goals for their accomplishment.


What We Do

We build our training materials based on the urgency of training, the amount of time available, preferred learning styles, and ensure their easy accessibility. We offer training material services in the following verticals:

Online Training Material

  • Training and certification courses with customized training material for students and professionals like developers, system administrators, programmers, etc.
  • Instructor led customised classroom training or virtual sessions over webinars and live seminars
  • Role based training catering to specific professional requirements depending on the job role
  • Assessment modules to track technical and functional skills derived from training.

Mobile Website and Responsive
Training Material Preparation

  • Courses for designing responsive, mobile-first websites for multiple mobile devices.
  • Training for creating cross-platform hybrid mobile apps and websites with multi-browser compatibility
  • Third party integration training with geographical location to deliver a superior mobile experience
  • Producing and managing forms using coding or integration with thirdparty

Learning Tool

  • Building competencies for trainees
  • e-Learning Repository throughout course duration
  • Mobile Enabled Learning
  • Powerful Dashboards, Reports and Analytics
  • Gamification to reward and motivate trainees
  • Informal learnings through social media

The Colossom Advantage

  • Interactive and flexible training materials for students and professionals as per the latest industry standards
  • Customized materials for specific professional needs and business objectives
  • Scenario based learning modules as well as hands-on practice modules
  • Assessment modules after each training session along with follow-up sessions for students/professionals if additional knowledge transfer is required
  • Complete knowledge transfer to customers and partners for dealing with our software products and basic issues
  • Holistic services aimed at enhancing corporate performance

Partner with us to develop customized training materials that can help your business ensure
seamless knowledge transfer and achieve business goals.