Turning Your Ideas into Reality - from Concept to Implementation

    Your website is synonymous with your brand, what it stands for, your values, mission and vision as a company. To engage your target
audience, information on your website should be relevant, crisp and presented in a visually appealing manner. At Colossom, we pride
ourselves in creating a wide variety of websites that deliver on all business aspects, and are instrumental in driving growth and revenues for
our clients. We employ a structured approach to website design by analyzing the business scenario, competition and target audience and
creating a prototype that delivers the desired outcome. Once the same is approved, we begin the actual design process thereby saving
considerable time and effort and maximizing efficiency.

What We Do

Website Design

  • Designing new responsive, mobile-first websites with latest features/applications for business profitability
  • Revamping existing websites to make them mobile-friendly, enriching UX with responsive designs, interactive third party applications, etc.
  • Specialization in creating responsive designs with CSS frameworks for smooth browsing experience on all devices i.e desktop, mobile or tablet
Website Design
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

  • Develop cutting-edge mobile applications with user-friendly, custom features for enhanced user experience
  • Responsive design for seamless viewing on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Innovative multi-platform mobile applications for start-ups


  • Efficient content and system maintenance services
  • Multi-bowser compatibility check
  • Integration and maintenance of third party applications in websites
  • Comptetitive analysis to say on top of the business at all times


  • Cost-efficient Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services aimed at attracting the right traffic and securing sales for clients
  • Specialization in 'on-page' and local SEO
  • Equipped with a strong Social Media Marketing team to strengthen efforts.
  • Create innovative mobile advertisements and videos to boost traffic and sales

The COLOSSOM Advantage

  • Integration of third party applications/widgets such as for weather, currency, time, calendar, GPS services, etc
  • Creating dynamic websites with front-end/backend/web services (website/admin panel/API) with features such as Newsletters, Blogs, Forums, Polls, Surveys, RSS, Reviews & Ratings, Visitor Tracking, Website Statistics and more
  • Developing mobile web apps (for access from mobile devices)
  • Custom web services and APIs for mobile apps
  • Pre-built or Custom developed ERP / CRM Systems integrated with online web applications and websites.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a branded website, a corporate portal, an eCommerce website or a social media platform, we can deliver solutions aligned with your business requirements.
We can help you develop and implement a comprehensive web development strategy.